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Oct. 2nd, 2010

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Work today was slow..but good. Tips were on the okay side...not great, not horrible. I asked my boss for the money that I was needing to pay my rent and he said "Oh, ok.." then never said anything about it again. So I'm gonna have to ask him about it again tomorrow.

I hate being broke! I mean rent, phone, water, lights, truck note, gas, insurance, credit cards...it's getting ridiculous. I am SO glad that I bought a house so that I won't be wasting my money renting this stupid apartment anymore! And the house note won't be as much as rent :)

PLUS...Jason will be moving in (hopefully) after I do. :) I can't wait. This is a major first for me..having a guy live with me. I think it'll be fun, but a little scary at first. But I think I can do it :)

So...new recipes? I need to start digging through my cookbooks and learn some new things so that I can be June Cleaver/Betty Crocker/Martha Stewart all in one :P
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So I went back and deleted some of the more ridiculous entries..and I will start fresh!

So what has happened since I last wrote?

Met a new guy. His name is Jason. He's wonderful :)

I took a semester off to get my affairs in order since I bought a new house and will be moving in the next month or so..as soon as I paint and get lights and water connected.

My mother is off her rocker once again :/

&& I am going on another diet. Yeah. I know.

I lead a VERY interesting life if these past months can be summed up in a few sentences. Hrmm..

Dec. 16th, 2009

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Omg. I haven't posted here in SOOOO long. I am so sorry, but I have been wrapped up with school and moving!

I moved in with a friend and it didn't work out. Her boyfriend ate all my food, and I lived so far away from work and school I was paying WAAAAY too much in gas.

So I moved home for a little while and enrolled in school here at the high school campus. I am almost finished with my first semester in college guys!!

This past Saturday I moved near the main campus and I am planning on enrolling in the RN program the school offers. Can we say BIG BANKIN'???? OMGEEZ.

My new interests that I have been thrown into is making jewelry. I LOVE IT. Its great. I am planning on selling it on etsy. Keep an eye out= southernthunder jewelry. :) It's mostly chunky cowgirl type jewelry. If you're from Texas...you've seen it. If not, I'll post a pic soon. :) :) :)

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Jan. 5th, 2009

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Resolutions-part deaux.

I thought that I would show you guys my bookshelf. Hrm... Could be fuller!! Tee hee.
So I am feeling a little better about the whole weight thing. Sorry guys...But I just ran 12 minutes on the treadmill and burned about 75 calories. That is until I got that nasty little stitch in my side. Yep. And now it's very hot. Like sweaty. I had full on sweats-still do.

I think that I will do some crunches and sit ups- HAAHA...

But I am still hungry.


Dec. 29th, 2008

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Just so you know.

I am now reviewing my iTunes. Wow. What a mess. I think that since I reset my iPod I will delete all the songs that have no title/author/album.

Thought I would let ya know.

Hint, hint Emmy!

Dec. 27th, 2008

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Okay...let me say this slowly...

Okay, so after work it was POURING down rain. And me and Mom still went to Houston to get my truck that "Ronald" said would be done. So we get there and are greeted just like yesterday...and he comes out with this worried look on his face and asks us to sit in the TV room until he is finished with him other customer. So we do.

He then comes back out about 15 minutes later and says that he just received some bad news...We asked what it was and he said that when they sent the truck over to the people who were supposed to be fixing it, they sent it back saying that it had not been fixed by 3. INSTEAD OF FIXING THE DAMN THING THEY JUST SENT IT BACK! So he said that he was going to go and talk to his manager....and I was stewing! Gritting my teeth and pissed off! We drove three hours to Houston for NOTHING. He said that he was going to send the truck back to have it fixed and that on Monday, he would call and give us a progress report and by then we should have the paper work finished...

OMG I was so pissed. By then I was on the interstate and driving home and I asked Mom if she minded if we stopped at the book store. So to Barnes and Noble I went.

I bought $136 worth of books. That's how pissed I was.

Here's the list:

1. The Tales of Beedle the Bard-JK Rowling
2. The Virago Book of Ghost Stories- edited by Richard Dalby ~*~
3. The Portable Dorothy Parker ~*~
4. The Maytrees- Annie Dillard
5. The Collected Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald ~*~
6. The Bonesetter's Daughter- Amy Tan
7. The Devil In the White City- Erik Larson

~*~ These are huge books! Like at least 700 pages.

And I also bought some Christmas cards for next year.

We went to Old Navy, too and I bought a few things: a pair of jeans, flops, and a couple shirts. THEN we walked over to Ross's and I bought a REALLY CUTE BLOUSE. Too cute. it's like half sweater, and the top is sort of lacy and sparkly..too cute!

So by the time I got to Riverside, I was ok..and then got to worrying about "What if the bank doesn't give us the loan?" and "What will happend to the title before I own it?" I think it's just the jitters, because Mom said that she doesn't think there should be anything to worry about. :D

Dec. 25th, 2008

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So I found one...

The truck I like...take a peak!

So I found a few models I like. It's in Houston at Tom Peacock Motors...:D Happy looking. I will post tomorrow if I get it! *squee*
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(no subject)

So the day didn't end up as bad as I thought. I don't know why everything got on my nerves, but it sure did! OMG. I think that I'm tired of step-parents writing that they're my dad/mom. My step mother wrote "Mom Benita" on my Christmas card. OMG pissy offy!

But other than that, everything was good. The food especially. We had turkey and ham, mac n cheese (tee hee <lj user="tehballofyarn">) potatoes, corn, rolls, gravy...so good. I had pecan pie for dessert! (With cool whip of course.)

Tomorrow I have to work, but only until 12 (but it'll probably be two before we get out of there). Work has been crazy all week. Even more than usual! But after work tomorrow, Mom and I, and maybe Marc will go to Houston (2 hour drive) and look for the car mom saw on the internet. Lemme give you the run-down.

Nissan Frontier, charcoal gray, (I want a sun roof!!!) and all automatic. I think I may be able to post a link later. Loverly!!!! My favorite all time truck, and I think that I could own one!!

I'm off to look. I will post about the measly presents I got. Hrmm.. -.-

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Christmas morning post..

So last night was more fun than i thought.  I went to my dad's aunt's house (which used to be my Mammaw's house) and spent Christmas with all my little cousins. *SqUeE*

My little cousin Collin, whom I bought the enormous Nerf gun for was upset because his older brother opened it, and then proceeded to make fun of him because he thought that he got the Nerf gun and Collin got the PJs, which were Transformers...that he asked for! Oh well. I told Collin to punch Ethan and tell him to come here before I broke his little neck. (Collin is the one with mild Autism.)

The White Elephant was fun. At first I got "Chicken Poop" chapstick... (no real chicken poop in it folks!--if you live in the South...your parents will tell you to put chicken poop on your lips so you won't lick them) but I traded my Uncle JC for some breast cancer awareness writing pens. Tee hee.

And while my other cousins got Twilight stuff I got a Bath and Body works set. In Japanese Berry somethingorother. Yep.... I relaly liked their shirts :(

But I had a nice time with my Daddy and received a hundred dollar bill for Christmas. How thoughtful.

But anyways, I woke up with my alarm going at 6:30 and proceeded to get up and grumble and get dressed and then realized that IT WAS CHRISTMAS. But of course, Santa didn't come to see me. No presents for me. And I knew that I wouldn't get anything, so I bought a perfume set for myself and wrapped it. :D  Whatev. I think that I am beginning to hate Christmas. Really. Why you ask? Because everyone thinks that they can take advantage of me to clean their damn house, and to wash their clothes. Bah Humbug!!!!!!!!!! I would rather be someone else, somewhere else other than me in my house.

Marc was picking on me from the moment I got up and I told him politely to refrain from doing that. Over and over and over again. Then I yelled at him because he cannot STOP MESSING WITH ME! So I promptly got up and walked outside and slammed the door to engage in washing clothes (our washroom is outside) and my mother comes out and tells me that if I can't be nice to him then I can go some where else .


I freaking paid for half this house, and I own most of what is in it. DO NOT TELL ME TO GO SOMEWHERE ELSE BECAUSE YOU KNOW I WILL BITCH! Alright? And disrespecting her husband? Yeah right. He doesn't do anything around here. Doesn't pay bills. so go back to your own house and pick on someone there!

I think I do hate Christmas. At least here I do. Always have.

I will update later and let y'all know what else happens.

Dec. 24th, 2008

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Holy crap.

Okay, so I was laying in bed right and I got to thinking about who I haven't bought for (I know right!). I havne't gotten anything for my dad/step-mom. Or my step-dad's mother (aka Nan).

I also haven't made/bought anything for White Elephant OR to eat tomorrow night at my Dad's family's Christmas. OMG. What have I been waiting on?!?!? Hrmmm? OMG I am under a lot of pressure now! I can't even sleep! CHRISTMAS EVE IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*flys around like a chicken with her head cut off!!!*

So I am now watching Alton Brown and am seriously thinking about making some of his chocolate chip cookies for tomorrow. They're fast right? And if I get off at 12 tomorrow afternoon, I can make them and they can cool by that time, right? Oh I hope so!!!

What I do know is that I DID PUT MY CLOTHES IN THE DRYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D *yayme*

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